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Jennie is available as a Guest Lecturer/Speaker,

Nationally & Internationally

Here are some of the topics, broken down by specialties, she has lectured on:

Fetal Echo:

  • Basic Doppler of the Fetal Heart                   

  • Essential 2D Fetal Echo Measurements

  • Fetal Echo Accreditation Guidelines

  • Fetal Echo Doppler for Accreditation

  • How to Obtain Optimal Fetal Echo Images

  • We Interrupt This Program: IVC to be Continued

  • Know Basics, Know Answers: the Fetal Heart

  • OB Protocol and Review

  • 2D & Color Assessment with protocols

  • Doppler Assessment with protocols

  • Common Cardiac Anomalies

  • Reporting and Documentation

  • Biometry and the Cord

  • Color, Spectral and M-mode of the Fetal Heart

  • Cardiovascular Anatomy and Hemodynamics

  • Cardiac Embryology

  • Cardiac Malposition

  • M-mode Assessment: What are you measuring?

  • Other considerations and the CVSP


  • Flow can only go from High to Low: Understanding Hemodynamics

  • Go with the Flow: A Vascular Review

  • Doppler, Hemodynamics & Waveform Morphology

  • The Doppler Dilemma: Techniques to Help You Get It Right

  • Why Steer: Understanding Doppler Direction

  • Understanding Arterial Waveforms

  • Vascular Anatomy and Arterial Pathophysiology

  • Venous Pathophysiology

  • Get Vein: The Lower Extremity Venous Assessment

  • The Arterial Fix - Grafts & Stents

  • The Pressures On: Understanding Segmental Pressures

  • Physiologic Testing

  • The Pressure Points of Physiologic Testing

  • Lower Extremity Physiologic Testing

  • Getting a head: Understanding the WHYs of transcranial Doppler imaging

  • Transcranial Doppler Imaging

  • Upper Extremity and Cerebrovascular Imaging

  • Measurements and Waveforms of the Abdomen

  • Catching the wave: Abdominal Duplex

  • Just Breathe: Conquering the Renal Duplex

  • Advanced Vascular

  • Lab QA: Predicting your Accuracy

  • Continuous QA: For the Betterment of All

General U/S:

  • A Little Gland with a Big Job: The Thyroid

  • Getting the bigger picture of small parts imaging

  • Do you know your Nodes

  • Understanding the Pancreas

  • It takes guts: Pediatric Pyloric Stenosis & Intussusception

  • Breast Imaging

  • What you see is what you get: Ophthalmic Sonography

  • The Ins and Outs of Bowel: Hernias & Appys

  • Sound Advice: Interesting Case Studies


  • The Single Umbilical Artery, Better to be Right, and Left Out– original research

  • The Twist: Understanding and Measuring Cord Coiling

  • A Fluid Subject: Genitourinary Anomalies in the Fetus

  • Understanding Umbilical Doppler

  • Fetal Abdominal Abnormalities

  • Fetal Face and Neck Abnormalities

  • Fetal Genitourinary Abnormalities

  • Fetal Head and Spine Anomalies

  • Fetal CCAML vs BPS: Could You Tell Which One?

  • OB Protocols and review


  • Being of Sound Mind a Quick Physics Review

  • Sound Basics

  • Transducers and Beyond

  • Displays, Hemodynamics and Doppler

  • Artifacts, Quality Assurance and Bioeffects

If interested in booking Jennie as a guest lecturer, please contact her at sonostarss@gmail.com