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STARSS Quick Guide to Congenital Heart Defects In Utero

This 73 page spiral bound pocket-sized book is meant to be a quick reference guide for the sonographer, student or physician in deciphering the most common congenital heart defects in utero.  It reviews the sonographic presentation of the defect, its common associations with other fetal anomalies, other cardiovascular associations, common genetic associations and gives an overview of what additional images are needed to evaluate its severity. With large images, it is a great resource book to have on hand.

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STARSS Quick Guide to Fetal Echo Imaging

This small sturdy 38 page spiral bound pocket guide is a great resource for sonographers, students and physicians looking to learn fetal echo or improve their skills. It takes you step by step through the fetal echo protocol. With large images, descriptions and pointers, it helps simplify learning fetal echo.  The back of each page is purposely left blank for the user’s individual notes. This book fits easily into your lab coat pocket to be taken anywhere.

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