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Fetal Course Selection

Fetal Heart Imaging Course

Fetal Heart Imaging - 4 CMEs


Thursday, Oct 3, 2019


12- 430 pm


Edina, MN

Edina Meeting Room, Edina Library

Course Pricing: 
​Thursday Fetal Heart Imaging: 

                              Registration is limited, so sign up soon.

Thursday course 4 CMEs: For those wanting to learn about basic fetal heart imaging and the views that will help you become a more seasoned sonographer to find those subtle heart anomalies,  this is a great starter course. Protocol views, gray scale and color Doppler and cardiac anatomy will be discussed in detail.​​ This class is for those sonographers & physicians wanting to learn more about  fetal heart imaging and the views that will help you find subtle heart anomalies. Anyone who is scanning OB or wants to learn more about the fetal heart should take this course. 

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