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Ultrasound, Equations & Transducers

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Image Display, Artifacts & Bioeffects

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Each course information adds on to the previous.

Take one, or take them all.

This class  will present sonographers and students with the tools, and information, to help them be successful in passing the SPI exam, which will aid in passing other credentialing exams.

Ultrasound, Equations & Transducers course: Course instruction will cover the basic principles of ultrasound, pulsed waves, the Interaction of sound and media, the inner workings of the transducer, axial and lateral resolution, and the basics of real time imaging.

Image Display, Artifacts & Bioeffects course: Course instruction will cover the different image displays and processing, dynamic range, harmonic imaging, artifacts, the importance of quality assurance, bioeffects and tips on taking the SPI exam.

Each session includes a syllabus with the PowerPoint handouts.  If you attend both, you will also receive  SPI exam review questions.

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