Quality Assurance Consulting

Quality Assurance Consulting


Would you like someone with extensive experience in multiple specialties to review and guide your sonographers to better imaging? STARSS can help. We can set QA up to whatever schedule you would like. Whether monthly, bimonthly or yearly evals on your sonographers' imaging. Help ensure they are meeting the standards of care in sonography. We offer quality assurance consulting in multiple areas (fetal heart, OB, vascular, TCD, Neonatal imaging and more) and can even provide daily imaging input for the difficult cases. Quality assurance should not be a once a year task at review. It should be an ongoing process to ensure and help teach toward better imaging. A third party, such as STARSS, is so often better received by sonographers to review images with a better outcome for change. Don't frustrate yourself trying to get your sonographers "up to snuff" once a year, or wait until you can't stand their inadequacies. Sonographers want to be the best, and welcome the tools to do it with. Reach for the STARSS and make a difference in your imaging department.

Here are a few examples of services offered:

  • 2 hr in-service education meeting on-sight covering specific topics 

    • Each meeting can be specific to what you or reading physician feel is needed, or a new technique, or review

    • PDF of presentation is included

    • STARSS can help you initiate CMEs for in-service education

  • 2 hr in-service education meeting on-sight PLUS 6 hrs of QA review of images with sonographers, or hands-on training

  • One-on-one QA review of sonographer images, on sight  8 hrs 

    • Can focus on a different specialty each review  ie. Ob/Gyn, fetal heart, Abd, Sm Parts, Vasc, etc

  • 8 hrs of hands on training of sonographers for new technique, or to improve ability

    • Depending on number of sonographers, will depend on time needed

  • Remote QA review of sonographer images with detailed written feedback

    • 1 study/sonographer takes approx 30 min

  • On-demand remote image QA review of missed or difficult pathology with detailed written feedback

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