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Specialty  Training  and  Advanced Review  Sonography  Services

  • Be Confident in What you Know!
  • When you sit down for the test, go through instructions on test. After instructions, click to start test, then STOP!!! Don't look at any questions yet. On the white board you are given, write down the things you are worried about forgetting: i.e. Lab QA, formulas, draw out anatomy, Laws/Equations,....
  • Now start the test.
  • TAKE YOUR TIME!!!You have plenty of time to go slow.
  • Answer EVERY question the first time, do not skip a question. If you skip questions, it will add significantly to your anxiety in the middle of the test.
  • If you don't know an answer, choose what you think is the best answer. Your first instinct is almost always correct. If you absolutely don't have a clue, choose C, it is often the correct answer.
  • Put a check mark for those questions you really didn't know. The answer may be given later on in the test within a different question.
  • DO NOT go back and change ANY answersunless  you are 100% sure you now know the correct answer. ***changing answers is the #1 reason sonographers fail any test***
  • If your mind goes blank, pause for a minute, take a deep breath, say a prayer to calm you down, and continue when your mind is relaxed. YOU HAVE PLENTY OF TIME!
  • You can do this!!! If you put the time in to study, you will succeed!