1st of its kind for sonography!!

Now in new colors!!!  Sturdy aluminum construction.

One of the most important images for fetal assessment are the situs images. No more making critical mistakes that can have a dire consequence on postnatal well being. No more having to get a doll, or "position yourself" to figure out which side of the baby is up or down, the situs wheel makes it quick and simple. STARSS Situs Wheel shows the normal anatomy & vasculature that should be displayed for each specific fetal position. Turn the baby on the wheel to represent how the baby is in utero and there it is. This Situs Wheel should be in every sonographer, student and physician's pocket. It fits easily into your lab coat pocket to be taken anywhere, or keep one in the office. Great for students and residents learning positioning. 

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Turn the baby to the position it is in in utero and it will display the correct normal situs image. Flip the wheel over for more position options.

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