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"Jennie is an ultrasonographer extraordinaire and dedicated teacher!  She shows mastery of multiple techniques, learning new modalities, such as ophthalmic sonography, easily and thoroughly.  She can teach modalities, standard and novel, with ease.  Jennie is passionate about continuing education in her field.  She is a model of compassion for patients and families.  She exemplifies collegiality and is a pleasure to work with."

--Jane Barrett Kelly, MEd, MD, FACS 
Pediatric Ophthamologist 
San Diego, CA 

"Jennie is a fabulous educator to the unwitting student.  Her explanations simplify the most cryptic sono results.  She is empathetic in the most difficult situations.  She values such gentle understanding of the magnitude of the impact to the families.
Jennie is a star that shines brightly where ever she goes.!  A true gem.  Her professional manner and integrity are reflected in her work as well as professional relationships.
I had the ultimate pleasure of working in coordination with Jennie for years  She is one of a kind professional!"

 --Anne C. Wilkes, CNM
Fresno, Ca. 

"Her teaching and material is factual, interesting and she makes learning fun.  She has true passion for Ultrasound and vast knowledge.  I have learned so much in the time I have spent with her.  She possesses many good qualities, she does not discriminate and will always do whatever she can to see you succeed."                                          

---Tina,  RDMS, RVT 

Clinical Sonographer



"So excited about this!!!!!!!  I remembered what you had said about isolated LT sided varicocele in younger males, couldn’t remember exactly what the cause was, I knew it had to do with the gonadal v draining into the LT renal vein and that was about it!  But just going over your materials on Sat prompted me to look into it further!!. Pulled up your power point before scanning him :-) Knew where to look and why.  The Peds rad came back to look at your power point too :-)  Thanks so much for all that you are doing!  It feels so great to learn new stuff and know that you are making a difference with these patients :-) "

-- Heather, RDMS 

Clinical Sonographer 

Mpls, MN 

"My first impression was a person with a depth of knowledge across all disciplines that to that point was unparalleled by any of my colleagues. She not only had command of each area of practice, but had the clinical background and credentials in each area as well. This put her in a very elite group. I was very impressed by her exceptional sonography skills in pediatric, vascular, obstetrics, fetal echocardiography, abdominal and invasive procedures. Her desire to perfect her clinical skills was only surpassed by her willingness to teach others. She is passionate about teaching and is a very articulate and thorough instructor. She has the ability to teach at any level from novice sonographers to residents and Fellows."

                      ---Joy Guthrie, PhD., RDMS, RDCS, RVT, ACS, FSDMS 

                         Advanced Practice Sonographer 

                         Assistant Clinical Professor - UCSF 

 Fresno, CA 

"Jennie proved to have great knowledge and wisdom in the field of ultrasound and worked diligently to educate the people around her. Her passion and expertise are contagious. The experience I had with Jennie was outstanding and I would recommend it to anyone interested in performing quality ultrasound exams"

--Jessica, RDMS, RVT 

 Clinical Sonograpaher 

  Alexandria, MN 

"Jennie is reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. I regularly received unsolicited praise from colleagues commending Jennie's outstanding level of knowledge, care for the most minimal detail, professionalism and follow-through."

                                       -- Ana Coll, MD, FAAP 

                                         Pediatric Cardiologist 

Chief of Pediatric Cardiology Division at CRMC Fresno 
UCSF Medical School Fresno 

                                         Visalia, CA  

 "Those educational/training days have been very informational and have been positively effecting my everyday scanning.  She has provided diagrams, tests, and lectures that give me an in depth meaning to understand the exam I am doing.  Since the educational days I have not only passed my RVT board, but I passed it CONFIDENTLY.  Jennie is able to teach ultrasound in a way that makes sense.  I feel fortunate to have her ... I have already learned so much, and look forward to learning more in the future."   

                                                 ---Tammy, RDMS, RVT 

                                                     Clinical Sonographer