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Doppler, Hemodynamics & Basic Vascular Testing  

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Advanced Vascular Testing & QA

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Each course information adds on to the previous.

Take one, or take them all.

This class is for anyone who would like to learn or better understand vascular exams, as well as those who will be taking their RVT/RVS exam. Great for employers to send their sonographers to, to improve their knowledge and technique of vascular exams.

Doppler, Hemodynamics & Basic Vascular Testing course : Course instruction will cover waveform morphology, hemodynamics, upper and lower arterial pathophysiology and testing, upper and lower venous pathophysiology and testing.

Advanced Vascular Testing & QA course : Course instruction will cover advanced vascular testing. Topics included will be TCD, hemodialysis fistulas & grafts, penile duplex, hepatoportal duplex, celiac & mesenteric duplex, renal duplex including transplant, and lab QA.

Each session includes a syllabus with the PowerPoint handouts.  

If you attend both, you will also receive vascular exam review questions.

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Vascular Review